Saturday Mini-Rant

Politics season is heating up. Which means I’ll be unfollowing more and more people on Facebook. I made it a point several months ago to stop posting anything political on Facebook. Generally, you only get people that agree with you. Nobody is going to take the time to actually have a substantial discussion on Facebook. It’s more likely if you’re actually sitting next to someone and even then it’s not likely to happen. We’ve reached a point where our political beliefs are engrained to the root, and no amount of discussion is changing that. I’m right – you’re wrong. Blah Blah Blah. Probably the best quote that I’ve read that summarizes how I feel is perhaps this one.

Repeating your opinions to a group of friends who agree with you is lazy masturbation.

Listen, I believe in refusing to remain silent when others are being oppressed. I believe that political indifference is how evil things are allowed to happen. But I do not believe that constantly bellowing my political thoughts at those in my social circle is accomplishing anything other than creating segregated cliques and ultimately turning us aggressively against each other as we splinter off into different factions of individualized beliefs.

The first harsh truth is that, much like preachers standing on street corner soapboxes, people stop listening after a while if they’re constantly spouting off the same rhetoric to the same audience — no matter how well-informed said person may be.

Think of how many people you’ve unfollowed or outright blocked because you were tired of their political or religious posts, regardless of what side they were on. I personally unfriended one of my good friends for most of last year. the redundancy and insistence on constant nitpicking politicians became too much to endure from anyone.

The only thing Facebook did was create a rising trend of writing people off because of their difference in opinion. How’s that beneficial as a society? It’s rhetorical. It’s not. This is the problem with Facebook politics. It’s not designed to be a forum for debate. It doesn’t matter what argument you make, what Pew Research you link to, or Bill Maher or Bill O’Reilly talking point you regurgitate, you’re not going to change anyone’s mind.

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