What’s Up Thursday

I took a break from my blog as I wasn’t really sure what the hell I wanted to do with it. Daily recaps? We have enough people that do that on television. Use it as a tool to comment on shit in my life? Perhaps. We’ll see. Baseball season is upon us. I’ll be keeping the scores giving me notifications for both the Cubs and Padres. I really think the Cubs and Padres are going to have breakout seasons. The Padres better as you don’t want to put a losing team out on the field with that payroll.

Dan Patrick brought up a good point. How many MLB managers can you actually name?

Match Play….

Some players decided to make a visit to the TaylorMade Tour van after their first-round matches. Tiger sneaked by Wise who was dropping a lot of birdies down on him. A lot of other good matches were happening.

Adam Carolla’s Funny Bit

Adam had a funny bit mentioning Charlize Therone and her perfume commercials where she’s walking (oh so elegantly) away from a castle.

Have a good opening day everyone!

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