Sergio. Cmon

Another moment where Sergio lost his cool. This time during match play. Then Sergio had the ridiculous idea that Matt Kutcher would make it up to him and just concede a hole. Cmon. Sergio you screwed up because you were hot under the collar. Plain and simple. You backhanded the putt before anyone could possibly concede the putt. If it were me, I’d have just expected that I was going to lose the hole. Plain and simple. But then these two knuckleheads took to Instagram to try and smooth things over with the fans. Completely unnecessary. If you’re unsure of what happened – I’ve posted the video below.

Below is the two of them responding today:

On a funny note, have you seen Phil Mickelson’s calves workout? It’s quite funny.

Here is his workout video:

If this doesn’t make you laugh I don’t think much will.

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