Golf with the Guys

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It’s always gratifying to get the guys out for a round of golf. Yesterday was one of those days. I definitely didn’t have my best stuff but had some stuff. I’m still sorting some stuff out with the driver. I play with the Men’s Club tees, and I swing within myself. I play back from the blue tees, and I push myself more than I should. Fortunately, our Member-Guest tournament is from our Men’s Club tees.

It’s amazing how much different the experience is with guys that are competitive. But, it’s a fun kind of competitive.

Gotta love Keith’s “Oh my God 😃”

Cubbies played like the team that they are last night. It was definitely a great all-around effort and they took down the first place Brewers last evening.

Joe Rogan on his podcast recently had a long form interview with Gabrielle Reece. Very informative. I’m going to post the highlighted bits that I really enjoyed.

She kind of became famous for her competitive fire on the volleyball court.

Here’s the long form entire interview:

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