Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has a point. I looked at my Facebook feed about four months ago, and I couldn’t believe the amount of negativity. Most of what I was just seeing was just half-truthed meme’s that are just too easy to share. People are lazy. They don’t want to express themselves when they can only find a meme from someone else and say, “So true.” or “This is spot on.” I understand if you see a meme that you particularly like or that you find funny and you share it. That makes sense. But I have friends where it’s 95% of their content. Democrats do this, Libtards do that, Conjobs are that Trump, etc. all way to easy. Have you ever looked at the comments on those posts? It’s all people that agree with you.

Meme’s are the new kiddie pool.

– Me

Think about it. The kiddie pool. Your parents would have you there where there was no risk. No chance of drowning. You’d sit there looking kind of silly in a foot of water. Meme’s today are no different. Most of these meme’s you can spend five minutes fact checking and you’ll see that it’s full of faulty logic. But it works. Why? They count on that most people aren’t going to do their own research.

So sorry. When it comes to political meme’s. I’ll pass. Move on. Boring. I even went as far as to adjust my Facebook algorithm so I don’t see those items. How effective it will be as we get closer to the election I’m curious to see.

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