Tommy’s Birthday

Yesterday was Tommy’s birthday. We took him out to this buffet sushi place. It wasn’t half bad. Not the greatest. I always feel the moment you start talking buffet’s that your quality of food gets diminished to raise the quantity. Unless you perhaps go to high-end casino’s and pay the premium prices for it. This was $30 a person, so it wasn’t entirely high end. You get what you pay for. Which ended up being a real waste of money on me as I don’t eat enough to make it worthwhile. All and all it was a good birthday for Tommy. Though I must add that I think his friends could learn some of the social norms. That’s a blog post for another day.

Star Wars Celebration

This weekend is the annual Star Wars celebration. Tons of fans attend these conventions where Disney puts on a great show where they bring together all the Star Wars talent. In past years, this is where we’ve gotten the early trailers for Star Wars. Yesterday was no different.

People are convinced that this is about Rey’s lineage. But, I view it differently. Kylo is technically a Skywalker thru his bloodline. It might very well be the rise of him. We’ll see. It’s still very early but I’m confident they’re heading in a good direction. Video below of the entire panel. Nice of Stephen Colbert to moderate it.

One last thing….

I was at our local bar, and I had an interesting political discussion with one of the few guys that actually can handle having a political debate decently. I told him, “Nobody researches anything anymore.” He responded to me, “Yep, we all trust these stupid memes and trust every news outlet that gives us anything.” From a twenty-five-year-old conservative to say that he recognizes the problem out there – that really means something.

These memes have taken off on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and they’re so easy to make with tons of false or partially misleading information. Like I’ve said before, “Memes are the new kiddie pool where people go to just have a discussion with people that agree with them.”

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