Happy Tuesday….Maybe

I’m starting the Tuesday off on the wrong foot. 9 am. I’m headed to the Dentist. Just a cleaning but still not my favorite thing to do. Why do they always try and have a conversation when I have my mouth full of various medieval tools? Also, somehow they’ve learned a different kind of language where they can understand the broken english that I’m speaking with tools in my mouth. I rest.

Then Thursday I’m having lab work done for my yearly physical. New readers to this blog, please allow me to give you some back story. I have a long assorted and fun (sarcasm) history of fainting while giving blood. Also, while on that note, I have fainted just thinking of gruesome things that require me losing blood. The first time I experienced this was in 5th grade. My teacher Mr. Keenan was telling a story of a heart bypass. Shortly into the account, I start to feel light-headed, and I put my head down on the desk to try and alleviate the dizziness that is occurring. “Mr. Weeks. Sit up. No sleeping.” I sit up and listen to a bit more of the story and boom – I fall right over passing out. It happened again in 7th grade, 8th grade, while giving blood for tests a few years ago, and come to think of it even while I was on my exit evaluation from the Marines. I don’t know what it is. Crazy and it cannot be helped.

My wife and I went out last night to our local bar at Hooley’s. Our usual practice of Ubering there and Ubering home. It’s $10 each way for a grand total of $20 smackers but saves you the potential cost of a $5,000 DUI. One of the twenty-somethings that I’ve gotten to know at the bar was picked up several months ago and got a DUI. My step-son has gone thru it. It seems more and more people that I know have one. It just doesn’t make sense to me. You have the technology. Use it. Don’t drive yourself home. One step further – if you’re going to drink don’t even drive your car there.

One more thing….

Tommy and family at his SDSU graduation last year

Tommy got accepted into the SDSU Master’s program. Recommendations from this person and that. Deadlines. Essays. It all paid off for him. Good thing as there wasn’t really a back-up school that he had applied to. If you’re actually reading this blog you’re one of the first ones to know. Consider yourselves lucky 😀

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