Friends in Town

My view last night

Friends in Town

Our good friends Sharon and Mike came to town to visit San Diego which was a bit of a staycation for us. A lot of fun was had as well as a lot of great social banter. Yesterday afternoon it was some great Mexican and then into the evening we ventured on out to Searsucker. It wasn’t my top choice for dinner last evening as I wanted an excellent steak but when we were scouting bars for after dinner this one worked the best. Surprise! With a late dinner, everyone was tired and just wanted to go back to sleep. Which was understandable considering one of us was fighting a cold.

Have I mentioned that sometimes my oldest step-son is a dumbass?

Why? This morning we have a brunch planned, and my wife invited both her boys. Sounds simple enough – right? Nope. My oldest said that 10 am was too early for him and he couldn’t make it. For a guy that is currently unemployed to decide to pass on friends/family because of a preference for sleep. I don’t get it. What’s the problem? He’s always been a night owl and isn’t on a regular sleep schedule. My guess – probably up until 4 am and then sleeps until 3 pm. How about just sucking it up and making it anyway?

I digress. I don’t get it. So my wife communicates such with his girlfriend, and she wanted to go. So then there was the issue of one wanting to go and one saying,” I’d rather sleep. ” what should a guy do in this situation? Take one for the team and join your girlfriend. Or simply ”Get your ass out of bed.”

Moving on….


Cubs lost. Padres lost. Both ballclubs are playing terrible right now. Cubs closer Brandon Morrow is taking a step back from his recovery. Why did we take a chance on him again? So far he’s been nothing but an injured mess.

This author published an excellent piece about him. Getting away from him. The Cubs need to right the ship and play like the team that they know they are.

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