Golden State Wins. Big night for Game of Thrones

I was watching basketball for the first time all year. I really thought at the beginning of the year that nobody was going to de-throne Golden State. Turns out during the season they lost the majority of their games against Houston. So if anybody is going to do it – it’s going to be them. I’d love to watch them get beat. Who knows? It might happen. It seems a lot were not happy with the officiating.

Game of Thrones. What an Evening

Game of Thrones. Wow. What an episode.

What an episode last night. So many people watching it that HBOGo had a tough time keeping the streaming quality up. I was happy to see John Snow’s dog next to the army fighting. It’s been tough to digitally make the dog work so he doesn’t show up that often. But boy – what an episode. So well done. We definitely lost some of our favorite characters.

What do we say to the god of death? Not today!

If you’ve already seen the episode. Watch the video below of the top moments of the episode and some easter eggs of upcoming.

Moving on….

Avengers: Endgame just broke the box office record. Huge totals. I went and saw it on Friday. What a ride. I give it four thumbs up. Tonight I’ll be viewing it with some friends for a second viewing. Well done Marvel! You made excellent stories for ten years.


Cubs were able to pull out a victory in the fifteenth inning. Now in second place and 2.5 out of first place in their division. Definitely looking a lot better than it was.

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