Golf. A Few Topics

Over the past twenty years there have been a few things that bother me the most.

  • People that don’t rake bunkers
  • People that don’t fix ball marks
  • People that sandbag with artificially high scores

Our game is a game for ladies and gentlemen, it’s a game of honor and tradition. It’s also a game that asks us to be good stewards of the grounds we play on. We are responsible for what we do to the course and we should do whatever we can to keep that course in great playing condition. Onto sandbaggers.

I was at my local golfmart and one of the club sellers is telling me a story of his best yesteryears. He starts the story off with telling me that he had this match with this known sandbagger. He beat him on this day and ended the story with saying to me ,”I outbagged the sandbagger. I was a legit 3 but I had worked on my handicap for an entire year to get me to a 7.” My response ,”It must have been a real proud moment for you.”

Anyone see the video that Phil just made on getting his crazy calves.

For those unsure of how to rake a bunker or fix ball marks. I’ve posted two videos helping you out.

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