2019 Swimsuit Issue

The 2019 Swimsuit Issue is out. Yep. It’s that time of year. Gorgeous ladies and excellent photography all rolled up into one. Photographed above is Alex Morgan from our USA Soccer team. One of three different covers.

Also interesting enough was that Gronkowski, the retired TE from the Patriots, was lucky enough to have his girlfriend also appear on the cover. I guess she’s also a Patriots cheerleaders. Imagine that 😆

Moving on…..

I was reading this article from one of my sources and they were discussing the bump in coverage that Joe Biden is getting. It perfectly normal for a candidate to get a bump when they first announce and get into the race. But to this extent. It’s a bit abnormal. Has the media already picked their person? It’s too early to tell. Here’s the article. Give it a read. Look at the stats below.


Facebook’s co-founder, Chris Huges, is calling to break-up the company. Saying they’ve been too big and that they pose a threat to our democracy. Not sure if I entirely agree. It’s just a tool. It’s how you use it that matter. My problem is people rarely researching anything themselves anymore. Case in point: A guy that I was having a drink with last Tuesday was showing me a meme (Yes you know how much I love those. Kiddie pool time!) about Hillary Clinton saying that Donald Trump should run for President. Then the headline read, “Wish granted.” Generally, if it seems too good to be true, it is. If you’re hoping for it to be true. Keep wishing. Do a little research people.

Hey have a good Thursday everyone!

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