Member-Guest 2019

Yep it’s that time of year

It’s that time of year where all the guys come out for our Member-Guest and probably the best time all year at Singing Hills. Between the Men’s Club Member-Guest committee and ALL of the Singing Hills staff from Clint, Jason, Bob, and to all of the helping staff. It’s really a team effort to put on a fun event like this.

Today it kicks off with a mini-tournament within the tournament. Or I guess you could call it an optional tournament add-on or a practice round. Then Saturday things kick into first gear and we’re off and running.

A throwback to last year after Friday’s first round. Pictured left to right – Keith, myself, Dylan, and Doug

It’s about getting together with friends, family, and just really having an excellent time. I listened to people in the past say things like,” as long as the format stays this way I won’t be back.” Surprisingly it’s always people that have a terrible round. Instead of blaming themselves and looking at the state of their golf game (hey, anyone just has a bad day?!) the answer seems to be to blame the format. Sometimes you don’t win. That’s fine. It’s how you play and what kind of sport you are that matters. To those that still complain, my response is ,”Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Fun times having a brew after the first round two years ago.
The Doctor (Keith McKee in action two years ago

I’ll post throughout the day to my Instagram as we go. Check it out.

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