Member-Guest Day 1

Member-Guest day 1 is in the books. But it was definitely a fun time. A few miscues by us and we were in the middle of the field where we belonged. That’s the difference between top finishers and those that don’t – lack os mistakes.

This was Keith’s approach on 12 of Oak. This particular shot was ten yards long attacking a back pin placement which lead to one of our bogey’s.

The greens. I can’t say enough about them. They had speed. They had break. It was like a whole different course that we’re used to not playing. I loved every second of it. Due to the greens being rolled, you were able to actually get some check on the ball when chipping. One hop – stop – dead ball. It was making us wonder why we can’t have this all the time. Why is it just a weekend or two a year? (Club Championship?!) One of the best sticks in our group had eighteen feet on #4 of Oak and four putted the thing. He just couldn’t get the speed down. So different than we’re used to. Loved it! It’s been a tournament that I’ve highly enjoyed. Thanks to all the staff (Clint, Jason, Bob, cart/barn staff, Pro Shop) everyone for really making this an excellent event.

Today’s forecast calls for rain. So we’ll get wet and enjoy Willow together.

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