WWDC 2019

You may notice that this blog post has a lot of video to it. Well, it can’t be helped as it’ll tell the story a lot better than I can in so many words. Yesterday was the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference). What is that? It’s Apple’s big event in June where they showcase their latest operating system that is coming to the phones, and they basically tell developers, “Get your apps ready for September when this launches.” No developer wants to have a huge app following that crashes on the operating system. The really successful apps will have their apps ready for the exact moment when the new IOS 13 launches. That’s how much they value having their apps ready for the new operating system. IOS 13 is your new IOS operating system and it comes out this September. Below is the keynote summed up in seven minutes. Of course, this isn’t just about your iPhone but also your Apple watch and AppleTV.

How do you like the Macintosh software name? Catalina. I kind of dig how Apple uses something unique to California and names it after them. Dark mode. Yep, something that I love on the Mac is coming to the iPhone. How is this helpful? Brighter colors late at night can keep you awake. Darker colors are easier on the eyes. They also announced this new ultra expensive Mac Pro (video below). The high-end video editors and photographers had for a while felt like Apple was leaving them behind and not interested. Well – that’s clearly not the case anymore. I’m excited about what Apple is bringing to the table. Oh, how I do miss the days of Steve Jobs.

I couldn’t resist not showing one of my favorite moments from the Steve Jobs bioptic.

Onto some Golf

Below is one of the tips that I’ve been using that has given me some success. It seems to really help with my ball striking.

I’ll be heading out for some golf with the guys this afternoon. Always enjoyable.

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