Hump Day

Dan Patrick had a good interview with Charles Barkley talking about not working, Game three, free agency, etc. But perhaps the best was when he was asked if he’d prefer to play for the Lakers or the Knicks.

Golf with the Guys

What a round

A good time was had. We called it ‘carts vs. walkers.’ Eric and I walked vs the other motorized cart peeps. There really isn’t an excuse why any of us should have been in a cart. But it came with their free round on using their gold cart points. So wallah. Eric and I were in super control on the front of the match being six up and closing out the front. But the back, Doug got too many strokes, and we couldn’t find our rhythm. It was just a simple case of donut and donut on the back nine.

Did everyone see Phil Mickelson’s hole in one at Jim Nantz’s house? In case you don’t know Jim has a replica of one of the Augusta National holes.

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