Golf Slowness. USA World Cup. Happy Saturday

Good morning everyone. I hope you’re like me and you’re enjoying your morning Saturday coffee. Let’s see what’s of interest that I can cover.

My wife and I went out golfing at Singing Hills on Friday. My wife is taking every other Friday off this summer, and she wants to start playing more golf. Sounds simple enough – right? Well, yesterday was a train wreck. We showed up an hour early for our tee time only to find out that tee times were backed up thirty to forty minutes due to a tournament on the course. If it was just that it wouldn’t be so bad. After two and a half hours, we had finished six holes. Six holes. After the sixth hole, we walked off and had had enough. This seems to be the current issue that I’m battling. One of the big problems that I have with golf is the length of time that it takes to play a round. I can handle 4 to 4 1/2 hours. But when it becomes 5 1/2 and even 6 hours, I have to pull the flag, and I’ve had enough.

I’ve run into this another time this week. Thursday early afternoon I was playing with two other friends, and we’re waiting behind this group for five straight holes. For five consecutive holes, we’re standing in the middle of the fairway waiting to hit our approach shots. Wait. More waiting. Then finally we hit. Now after five holes of looking back and seeing people waiting you’d think they’d have waived us up. Maybe you get to the first par three, and you let them play thru? Makes sense, right? Not this day. They were beginners players (three of them) with one decent player, and for whatever reason they had it stuck in their head that nobody was going to play thru them ever. So we get to the first par 3, and we just decide to skip the hole and go ahead and get ahead of them. To our surprise, we see the group picking up their balls on the putting green to race and get immediately behind us and tell us, “We don’t have permission to play thru.”This kind of silliness is what also leads to golf rounds being less than enjoyable. Like I said, I get it that you’re not going to get 3 1/2 hour rounds on a public course unless you’re teeing off at 5:45 am. I’ve accepted that. But when 4 1/2 hour rounds become six-hour rounds for no good reason. It becomes frustrating.

World Cup Ladies Soccer Season is Upon Us

USA comes into the event the favorite. But, we have gone home empty-handed before. I’m looking forward to giving it a watch. Matches are on today with the USA playing on June 11th.

NBA Finals

Warriors lost another one and it looks like they’re in trouble. Ray Ratto had a good interview where he discussed things before game 3. The biggest question park: Is Kevin Durant ready to return and play?

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