Hump Day

We’ll start with the ladies soccer match. They had a close one and were able to come out victorious. It’s good they have stressed for the first time all World Cup. I don’t know about you but I keep watching this and I keep asking, “How can our ladies be so good but our men be so terrible?” Friday’s next match will be a test for them against home team France. It should be a good one.

Sports Illustrated keeps releasing more photos from the ladies that were part of their Swimsuit Issue.

Alex Morgan

Moving on…..

I had an excellent golf round yesterday. Eric and I went out for some twilight golf. There is nearly nothing better for me as I can get what I need done at home and then go out in the afternoon. Long story short – I shot an even-par 72 from the blue tees. The odd part for me? I had played on my birthday the day before and I just had no control. I felt out of sync. I blamed a lot of it on my gym workout from the day before but reality – sometimes a bad day is just a bad day. Anyway – yesterday with my 72. It made up for it.


Thanks for everybody that came out for my birthday. In what has become typical, I forgot again to take photos. I told myself last year to take photographs, and again, just like last year, I get wrapped up in socializing with people and completely forget the photography. Still though – thanks for coming out. Thanks for the birthday wishes whether it be on Facebook or at the golf course. It meant a lot.

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