Bring on Saturday

Yesterday the USA Woman’s soccer team took care of France. With one goal called back, it was close with lots of time for an equalizer. I find it interesting in soccer you hear so much of an equalizer yet in – baseball, football, etc. – you never hear much talk of it. Just my two cents. Below is a video with the highlights of the game.

Alexi Lalas has already put out a good breakdown of everything the US did right as he was an early voice saying that he thought the US wasn’t ready and would lose. He’s since put out a video saying that he was glad to be wrong.

Toy Story 4 – Saw it.

My short review. I sat through this with my daughter and felt it was a mostly an unnecessary sequel. It didn’t add anything to the series. Some comical moments sure. Some nostalgia. Definitely. The ending though – was just really frustrating. Why Disney? Why?!?!

I’ll leave you with a moment of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen discussing that ending.

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