Hello Tuesday

Hey, it’s Tuesday. How was everyone’s Monday? The few of you that I see regularly and you mention that you read my little turd of a blog I’m really thankful. I take the time to put this shit together, and you take the time to read it, it truly is a fantastic concept. This won’t be very long as I’m meeting the guys for some morning golf.

A few things though that I will touch on. The Democratic debates? Did you watch it? I agree with Joe Scarborough in saying that I hope nobody watched it. What a train wreck. You can’t be going after each other when what is your primary goal – to unseat the existing President. You’re spending all this time going after one another when you’re forgetting what you’re running for. It’s not to unseat Joe Biden. Changing gears slightly – why is it when the most recent woman accuses Donald Trump of rape that his response is, “She’s not even my type.” Why wasn’t his response, “Rape? I don’t rape anyone.” So if she were his type then maybe it would have happened? I’m confused.

I’ll leave you with this clip of Seth talking about his complaints of the debate. Very valid points.

Also in case you missed Joe’s comments about the debates – here you go. Some very valid points.

On that note, have a happy Tuesday.

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