World Cup. It’s Complicated.

Ladies World Cup team celebrating.....
Team USA celebrating their World Cup win

I had this whole moderately long blog post already yesterday. Something about it didn’t feel right though. I was all ready to say that I can’t believe we’re in an age where pay equality, at something so public like the World Cup, is so easily noted. So I paused on hitting the publish button (as I often do) and decided to sit and do more research. The USA Today published a great piece ( Thanks to Marcos on Facebook) discussing a lot of the different problems with the lawsuit and what exactly is the differential in pay. They point out the real crux of the problem is the collective bargaining agreements that were made with US Soccer. There is also an issue that FIFA has long awarded different amounts to the host country for prize money based on gender. I imagine they’d support it based on how much they can sell the television rights for as well as how marketable the event is. Men’s soccer is a much larger world event and the advertising revenue is world based. Woman’s soccer, while huge in the United States of recent, isn’t so World followed. Also, a good piece from the WSJ discussing that as far as just United States revenue, the ladies have now equaled what the men bring in. But, that collective bargaining agreement. They’re your representatives that make those deals and they are quite different from the men.

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