Da Cubs. Grayson Allen. Jimmy Fallon.

Cubs are going thru a disappointing stretch. 20-27 before the All-Star Break. Not the team they are. I appreciate that Theo Epstein said this type of baseball can’t continue or changes will be made. It just seems like teams have big innings on us and we don’t respond. I really hope they take this All-Star break and use it to reboot and gather themselves. Perfect example, Allison Russell in a tie game with the Pirates threw to the wrong base to allow a run to score and allow the Pirate a walk-off victory. Silly errors. It can’t continue. Below is an interview that Theo Epstein gave to ‘670 The Score’.

Moving on….

Grayson Allen was up to the usual same old crap that he used to do from Duke. He got himself ejected from a summer league game collecting two flagrant fouls and a technical. I’m calling it now. The kid won’t last in the NBA. He’ll be a two maybe three seasons – done because nobody likes his attitude. He had a poor attitude at Duke and now it’ll just be worse in the NBA without Coach K to mentor him.


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