Oh Saturday You’re So Sneaky

We had an excellent time out with some friends last evening. But we departed out of the restaurant as my wife has been battling some bronchitis. She has since started taking antibiotics and been given an inhaler to help with things. Translation? She got to watch a bunch of her friends drink last night. Yeah. She was that person. It’s amazing to me though that when people drink they become so adamant that they’re an expert. I know this. I know that. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “Dude you work construction. Now you’re going to tell me you’re an expert on Navy Rail Guns.” It becomes a little comical after a while. For my railgun friend – here’s an excellent post for you here. People think because they’ve watched an hour of History Channel that somehow they’re an expert. Like I said, it’s comical.

Moving on…..

Succession is starting up again. August. One of my favorite HBO shows. This season should definitely be interesting to see where things go. So many good lines that it’s hard to pick just one.

Comic-Con is just Around the Corner

This should give you a little taste of the cosplay that goes on there…..

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