Sunday Movie Day

I’m back from getting some golf practice this morning and I’ll be taking my wife and Dolores to the movies. Interesting premise to it. What would happen if one day nobody knew the Beatles?! Granted I’m a 90s rock and alternative rock child so the Beatles were never my “cup of tea” so this movie loses some of its appeal. Story and written by Richard Curtis – the same man behind Love Actually and Notting Hill. So I’m slightly interested in it. I listen to this great podcast called /SlashFilmCast where a group of guys typically in-depth review movies. They did an excellent review of ‘Yesterday’. Audio posted below.

Moving on…..

Phil Mickelson is looking fit as ever heading into the British Open. Not sure about the six-day fast though. Damn – just water and a coffee/tea supplement for six days. Not sure I could make it six days. I mean my body is already as jacked as can be 😂Still I’m curious to see how he’ll perform.

One more thing….

Lastly….one of my friend’s was doubting the acting abilities of Olivia Munn. Oh yes – she can act. I’ll just leave this here.

Of course, it does hurt that she’s easy on the eyes

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