Mesquite Fun

I’ve been a little silent on my website as I’ve been focusing on the company and enjoying the golf with everyone. Also, the internet here is absolutely ridiculously slow. But that’s what you get for $40 a night. Standard definition television and slow internet. My solution: mobile hotspot from my IPad to my laptop. Bingo. Problem solved.

It’s been a most excellent time as we’ve played a new course every single day. Green Tree, Wolf Creek, to The Ledges. Each course different in their own right. Wolf Creek had severe and amazing elevation changes and was a target golf course. The Ledges more wide open but with incredible sloping greens that required more pinpoint approach shots.

ShankMaster 3000 makes an appearance at Wolf Creek. If you happen to see Eric be sure to ask him about the Mesquite cactus.

Ladies Long Drive Contest

via Gfycat

We watched some of the Ladies Long Drive contest yesterday. I can’t believe that some of the ladies are just as jacked as the men. Watch the gif above and look at those muscular things 🤔 Geez.

Update Friday 5:25 AM –

Finally packing things up and about to head on home. The trip was legendary fun.

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