Debates Night 2

It seemed to be a whole lot of talk. Thirty trillion. Three trillion. Seven-hundred billion. But none of them want to talk about the real elephant in the room. How do we bring down prices for medical care? Most hospitals have an insane amount of mark-up on every single service provided. My wife had a stay a while back and they charged her $200 for just Ibuprofin. Ibuprofen. Do they know what it costs at your local Target? Let the government negotiate prices to get them drastically down. Also, why do we need an audience at all for these debates? It just gives favoritism to lines and you get protests at various moments.

Possibly the line of the evening had to be from Cory Booker.

What was really odd to me? They kept going after President Obama. The most popular Democrat alive. Yet – the Presidential Democratic nominees thought it was a good idea to trash Obama’s legacy. Are they playing to the 2-3% of Democrats that don’t like him? I don’t get it. What do you think is going to happen when the nominee needs Pres. Obama to help campaign for them? I think it’ll be obvious that there is some bad blood there. An even better question. Why do you go after Obama rather than President Trump?

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