Political Debates

Did you watch the Democratic debates last night? I tuned in when I got home and watched what I had recorded. Interesting that the progressives were front and center with the moderates on the wings of the debate. My takeaway. I wish people would be realistic about things. It was a huge fight to get Obamacare to the finish with the Vice President having to decide the winning vote. Now they say that Obamacare doesn’t care far enough. I think it might be unrealistic. Why can’t we in a bipartisan fashion figure this out together? It probably won’t happen as politics has become somewhat of a blame game. We don’t want to do it – wait for them to do it – so we can blame them and score political points. I enjoyed the progressive and moderate push and pull of the night and it seems the Democratic party is trying to figure out how far left to go. My advice: Stick with the moderates. Keep it realistic. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

Also interesting of the night. Not a single mention of impeachment and Robert Mueller which had dominated the news cycle the last few weeks. This is a good thing as it’s time to move on from that. It’s unrealistic. Mueller gave us some valuable information about Russia. Why aren’t we doing everything we can to secure our elections?

On a slightly different note. I’m fed up with both parties. The bickering. The gamesmanship. Both parties are just downright ridiculous. Democrats and their social stances of trying to make everything a holy crusade. Republicans preaching during Obama’s eight years about financial responsibility and spending too much. Then Republicans hold every branch of government and it’s just more of the same. No spending cuts. No smaller government. Hey – stick with me here – I’d bet you that if Donald loses re-election that immediately Republicans will start talking about deficit spending.

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