Sunday. More Prayers?

Wow! To say that it’s been a wild one is an understatement. Horror in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. What has changed? Since 2012 shootings have been on the rise and where do we draw the line and say ,”Let us start looking at causes…” Myself personally I’ve had enough of the thoughts and prayers. We need the President to step up with a serious tone and address the nation and condemn these acts of violence. But the thoughts and prayers – enough. Think of this though. We’re now this morning covering two horrific shootings from the previous day. What’s the answer? I have no idea. None. Mental illness + high capacity magazines + assault rifles = the wrong situation to be in. I’m still even to this day puzzled that our answer after Sandy Hook was literally nothing. Our own children massacred. Yet – nothing changes. It would be something if we actually tried something and we could point at this/that/the other and say it didn’t work. But we do literally nothing.

Oh good. More prayers?!?

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