I write this on Monday evening and I think to myself that it’s been a whirlwind of a few days. I’ve tried to rotate amongst news coverage. CNN to Fox News to MSNBC to NBC. It’s tough to make heads to tails of any of this madness. Perhaps the worst story was the husband and wife that died protecting their children. Terrible. Where am I at on this? The framers of the constitution definitely had limits to the 2nd amendment. It’s also very limited that it must be something that is hand-carried. But the framers never had dreams that we’d be dealing with a day with assault rifles and one-hundred round drums along with the mental illness that plagues our society today. I often go back to this clip from the late Justice Scalia talking of the limitations.

Moving on…..

Have you caught David Spade’s new show Lights Out? I find it quite funny. Check it out. Here’s some from a recent episode.

Did you happen to catch the interview of Ricky Fowler with Dan Patrick? Quite good. Posted below for your enjoyment. Have an excellent Tuesday everyone!

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