Tuesday Eruption

Hey, it’s Tuesday. I went to bed rather early last night and woke up to the firestorm happening in the world. It appears that Chris Cuomo was set up by a heckler looking to make a name for himself quickly. This heckler while Chris was at dinner with his wife and daughter decided to keep calling out the Italian derogatory term, “Fredo.” To which Chris took offense and duh the guy recorded the whole thing. It sounds like a complete setup to me. Thankfully CNN feels the same way. Video below of the exchange that happened.

Of course, our President couldn’t resist chiming in.

Chris actually took to Twitter not that long ago to respond.

Moving on…..

I found this funny bit from yesterday with Jimmy Fallon and Kate Upon. Enjoy the week everyone! Try not to get too serious and take some time and enjoy life and those around you.

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