Oh Hey There Wednesday

I find it funny that people are so hell-bent on making sure they can label someone. This is right. This is left. When did we decide as a society that not only do we need to label someone but we need to tear them down for having different beliefs than you. It’s a different opinion. Plain and simple. My wife is a Republican. On a lot of issues I’m very Republican. But I don’t go pointing my fingers at someone and make it an all-sum my way has to be right. Where is the worst place this is very evident? Facebook. I’ve lost a few friendships for simply having a different opinion than someone else. Think about that for a second. When did we become so stuck in our belief system that it’s the judgement for friendships?

Moving on. Did you happen to catch the interview with Dan Patrick with ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin’? What a good interview. A bit funny. Very honest. Explains what it was like to be a wrestler during the big heyday.

Hope you have an excellent Wednesday.

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