College Football Begins

As for Ohio State – it was Ryan Day’s first official game as head coach of Ohio State. 103k attended the game for an early kickoff game. I honestly expected nothing less for a Ohio State game. 28-0 with 6:50 left in the first quarter.

Justin Fields definitely showed that he did a good job of managing the game and letting the big plays come.

How about those Ducks?

Upsets. Upsets. Those Oregon Duck fans can’t be pleased with the beginning of the season. I watched for a while I kept thinking, “No way are they blowing this.” Sure enough. It happened.

SDSU game was unbearable to watch. Nothing worse than watching two teams stuck in neutral. They have a week to figure out how to get some offense other than the field goal kicker.

Enjoy your Sunday. I’m off to the gym. Peace! ✌️

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