Late Wednesday

Dave Matthews Band lit up Kaaboo Del Mar with his Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel cover). Anyone that says this wasn’t good isn’t quite understanding the effort that Dave made to make this sound so good.

Of course, we had the classics that DMB fans wanted to hear.

Did you happen to catch Cory Lewandowski’s testimony before the House? Vague answers. Stonewalling. This is what we give to the investigative branch of our government. Ask ourselves if the parties were flipped would you find the behavior acceptable. Answer: Not. What’s more troubling to me? Cory said that he feels he has no obligation to be honest with the media. That to me just makes you a profound liar.

Now, this lying piece of garbage is perhaps running for Senate in New Hampshire. Goodness people. Buy a clue. Then it turns out that he was speaking all of yesterday about the Mueller Report and the guy – on CNN tells them, “I’ve never read it.”

Oh, George Carlin. How right you were……

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