iPhone 11 Review

I just received my phone last Thursday afternoon and was able to put it thru some paces. Before I give you the official reviews of others that I trust in the tech space I’ll give you my review points.

  • The camera is remarkably better. Three lenses to choose from. Ultra-wide, normal lens, and a telephoto for getting close. If you attend concerts or shoot photography anywhere it’s dark a considerable amount of time – this is the iPhone for you.
  • Night mode that instantly turns on. Completely dark outside and you can get amazing photos.
  • Battery life is remarkably better
  • Speed – The A13 Bionic processor is a beast. It makes everything silky smooth and it’ll just get even better as IOS 13 gets more bug fixes.
Example of night mode. iPhone X vs iPhone 11 Pro. No flash. No additional settings turned on.

Now the reviews that I trust. First from IphoneDo:

Next – from MKBHD 😁

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