Mini-Joker Review

Let’s start with some Joker, which I saw on Saturday morning. An excellent character piece that will keep you thinking until the very end. Even a few days later, I kept on thinking about it.

I enjoy deep diving on character pieces. You get to know the backstory, and before now, the backstory of Joker had never been attempted. It had been hinted at but never done in his manner. Spoilers below if you haven’t seen it

My only criticisms of the movie are the age that they portray Bruce Wayne and how they portray Thomas Wayne. Throughout the comics, Thomas Wayne is revered by his son, and they show this deep love, and Thomas has this deep love for his city that he badly wanted to save. Bruce Wayne’s age in the film doesn’t quite work. Give him ten to fifteen years and he’d become Batman and then we’d have a sixty-year-old Joker. The video below addresses some of the other minor problems with the story. But, don’t get me wrong, even despite these it’s one heck of a movie. Why was it necessary to hint that Arthur might be Thomas Wayne’s son? 🤔

Tons and tons of easter eggs throughout the movie. Some of the ones you might have missed are talked about below a lot better than I could.

All and all, I rate the film a B+ to an A-. I think Todd Phillips did a marvelous job writing and directing the film. He even answered a few questions and said in the future that he’s going to answer more once the film has been more widely received. Todd did confirm that Joaquin Phoenix did lose like 52 pounds for the role.

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