Hello Thursday

Hello everybody. I took a little break from writing on my blog as I was updating to Mac OS Catalina. First I did the upgrade but things weren’t running as smooth as I’d expect. So when that happens, I called in the nuclear airstrike and wiped the whole thing and started fresh. Now it runs smooth as can be. What do I think of Mac OS Catalina? I didn’t think I’d be a fan of separating out iTunes, Podcasts, and AppleTV but it’s growing on me. Moving on….

55% of all devices bought within the last four years are running IOS 13. You should be as well.

Apple loves to brag about its upgrade rate. How many phones are running the latest software? They always leave that bit out. When you consider their install base is literally millions upon millions. For those of you that are running it – an update came out two days ago to – you guessed it – fixes some more bugs.

Golf Shenanigans

Keith pictured center in-between these two chuckleheads.

My buddy Keith posted a nine-hole three under par. Even had it at one point, I believe, to four under par. Now those are the rounds you remember forever. My claim to fame – I played with Keith the only time he’s broken 70 and posted a 69. Back to his round which involved chip-ins and made putts, of course. Now the lingering question – is what nine-hole score will accompany that to his handicap? 33-42 😅 Nah.

Golf Fail GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Moving onto something a bit funny…..

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram. Set a record getting to a million followers. What photo did it take? Yep – the entire ‘Friends’ cast got together last week.

Have an excellent Thursday everyone! Now onto my 2nd cup of coffee.

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