Yeah Baby Friday

It’s been a few days but I wanted to cover a few things. The Cubs named their manager. Grandpa Rossy – David Ross. A seasoned veteran who had garnered a huge amount of respect from the players during the World Series run. Also won a World Series with Boston Red Sox and has been around the game for a long time. He spent the last few years as a special assistant for the Cubs during spring training but full time was an ESPN baseball announcer. Will it work with the Cubs? I’m optimistic. A lot of speculation about whether he’s ready to manage a team.

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Welcome home, @grandparossy_3!

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Twenty years ago today – the great Payne Stewart died. A true legend and classic of the game. An iconic original.

RIP Payne. You were definitely a good one that we lost way too soon.

While we’re on the subject of golf. Handicaps. The system is changing for everyone come this January 1st. A good article about this here. Anyway, I’m optimistic this will help roll in sandbagging. But, like anything, if people want to cheat then they’re going to cheat. I always get weary when I hear people say things like, “My handicap is right where I need it to be.” Handicaps are designed to get you to even to make an even competition so that the player that plays the ‘best’ on that day actually wins. It’s not meant to give you a landslide or a cushion for playing golf.

Have a good Friday everyone! Here’s a view of the course the PGA Tour is playing in Japan.

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