I’m back

It’s been a whirlwind of late. I took a break from my blog while I did some backend upgrades on my site. Those of you that have looked on various pages to find out if I’ve updated I appreciate the effort. Let us see if I can get things caught up since I last was blogging.

We attended my buddy Eric’s wedding last weekend. A lot of fun was had and good to see him get married. Now comes the difficult part – keeping her happy.

A few photos from Eric’s wedding.

Moving on….

Joe Rogan had an interesting podcast episode discussing the documentary ‘Game Changers’ which highlights athletes that were successful doing plant based diets. Joe Rogan had Chris Kresser on who spent sometime debunking a lot of the movie with facts.


Have you watched the show on Disney +? Quite good. Fourteen year old me would have loved it. Forty-two year old me – mostly. Give it a watch if you’re a Star Wars fan.

Did you happen to catch the competition that TaylorMade put on to see who could hit the straightest three-wood? Quite an interesting ten minute watch.

I’ll try to get on a more regular blogging schedule. Take some time and enjoy the weekend. Cheers!

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