Nearly Thanksgiving

Tuesday! Hello. Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and I hope you’re ready for all the food options. Our house will be a rather joyous time of friends and family getting together. Lots of football talk, family, joking, and what’s going on with everyone. It’s always a good time.

I got out yesterday for some golf with an excellent group of guys. A fun time was had and even with a five-some we finished in four hours with all of us walking.

Keith McKee hitting his tee shot on 13 of Oak at Singing HIlls

This Thanksgiving will be the first one that will be a little different for us in the last while. We usually are headed out by now to Arizona to hang with our good friend’s McKinney’s. Circumstances were a little bit different from some of our family having to look after a house, and then that situation changed, and then our dog started having health issues. It’s been one thing after another. Sorry – you still awake?

Have you seen this video of Will Farrell?

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