Thursday Morning Politics

Jonathan Turley gave some very interestingand compelling testimony

Have you been following the impeachment testimony at all? Yesterday was perhaps the most interesting day for myself to listen to as you get constitutional law professors discussing their views on the history and meaning of parts of the very framework of our constitution.

In my older years, I’ve been very aware of trying to protect myself from confirmation bias. It’s basically where you search for items to support your current beliefs (or you find them) and wallah – you’re right.

I suggest you give Mr. Turley a listen to his opening statement as well as his follow-ups.

His follow-up was especially interesting as he sites specific examples throughout our history.

One of my biggest issues with this whole impeachment hearing is it seems to be built for speed. Democrats want it done before the election and election primaries. Instead of waiting on court rulings to make White House aids testify with much needed testimony.

Moving on Slightly 😎

Joe Biden got into a back and forth with a voter in Iowa. Calling him a liar and then calling him fat. Almost even more laughable is that his campaign chair is trying to spin it as Biden was trying to say ‘Look facts’. Listen to the video above and make up your own mind.

Have an excellent Thursday everyone!

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