President’s Cup

Golf world. The golf world is an uproar over Patrick Reed and his moving of the sand at last weeks Hero golf Championship. Now this week he heads to Australia to compete in the President’s Cup. My take: It’s just a blatant disregard for the rules and clearly cheating and he’s just making matters worse for himself by covering it up with a bunch of cover. “Bad camera angles” blah blah blah. Brandel Chamblee had probably the best breakdown of it and I appreciated all of the points that he’s trying to make.

The guys on Golf Channel had a good roundtable discussing it. View the video below for that.

Rory was asked about it and was a bit more on the fence. Rory does make a valid point in saying that it’s a lot of the playing partner’s responsibility to say something. Why don’t they more often?

Moving on….

Last night was my last official gathering of the board. Three years seems to have gone so fast. A good group of guys to be on the board with and an excellent Men’s Club to be a part of. We made some excellent changes to tournaments while I was there and I feel definitely made things better than when I started.

RIP to Roxette Singer Marie Fredricksson

RIP. They were definitely one of my favorite bands growing up and her voice – so good.

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