Christmas Party to Star Wars

Our sixth annual Christmas Party was in the books by early Sunday morning. I appreciate everyone that came and people that I haven’t seen for a while. Nice to hangout by my fire pit and just shoot the proverbial shit. Special thank you to my wife for all the work that she put into it. She started work on it about three weeks out with picking up various kinds of alcohol, then a trip to Costco for various kinds of food, and then a special trip for desserts. She put in the effort as she really enjoys seeing everyone. A few photos from the party posted below. A lot I didn’t get photos of but thanks everyone for coming.

Rise of Skywalker

The World Wide Premier for the press and various outlets that are under embargo was last night. They are entitled to give vague information out as the movie comes out Thursday. Hey guys…do yourself a favor…and don’t be a complete douche and spoil the film beforehand. I say you give everyone a week to see it. If you want to talk about it online, that’s fine, but label it with a spoiler tag so people realize what they’re reading. A few of the no-spoiler reviews that I’ve read from people under embargo so far.

It’s a bit hard to believe that the complete end of the ‘Skywalker’ saga comes to an end soon. I’ll leave you guys with a cute video of a young girl at Disneyland and she’s surprised when the Rey cosplayer remembers her.

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