New Year 2020

Hey, Happy New Year. I’ve been a bit absent on my blog of late, but one of my New Year’s resolutions was to write more on here. I’ve also been a bit busy with everything going on here at the home front. My step-daughter Lauren is in town from London, and I’ve always enjoyed having her around. The photo below is from San Diego Comic-Con a few years ago.

Political Front

Trump pulled the trigger and did something no other President chose to do, mainly due to the potential instability it might cause in the region. Now the discussion is going to be how much risk did this move put us at? What are the repercussions going to be? Iran is pledging “harsh retaliation,” and it’s not good for Americans abroad – civilians, troops, and diplomats. Anyone remember when Trump campaigned, and his position then was that this was none of our business, and we should get out. Then he also at the time made this tweet – 

Twitter is a beautiful thing in that sometimes words come back to haunt you. I’m reminded of an educational segment from my favorite show ‘The West Wing’ where Perce Fitzwallace is having a discussion of peacetime vs. wartime in that he can’t tell the difference anymore. The video clip below.

Golf Tournament in Maui

It’s always fun to watch this tournament with the beautiful Maui ocean in the background and the sunsets. A lot of changes coming to golf with the new handicap system taking effect on January 5th. You can read about some of the amendments here. No more of that “I can take a 7” as it’ll be net double bogey for everyone. Also, taking eight of your last twenty scores should bring everyone’s handicap down some.

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