My Top Movies of 2019

Yep. It’s that time of year where I try to put together a list of my favorite films of 2019. Now you should keep in mind that these films are MY favorite films. That’s not to say that they’re instantly better than every academy awarded film. Those of you that are friends with me on Plex, you’ll find nearly all of these in my library.

10. Joker

9. Rise of Skywalker

8. Ford v Ferrari

7. Knives Out

6. Marriage Story

5. Avengers Endgame

4. Uncut Gems

I enjoyed the main character that lives on this razors edge of reality vs anxiety. It’s definitely a wild experience. Plus New York City and Adam Sandler. You can’t go wrong.

3. Jo Jo Rabbit

2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

#1 – 1917 – So good it would be one of my top films of the decade.

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