Academy Awards

Parasite took a bunch of awards. Have you seen it? I highly recommend it. Excellently done Korean Drama with bits of comedy. It definitely made my top ten list films of the year. Which if you’re curious you can see my list here. While most of that list holds up, I would move ‘1917’ to probably my three spot and move JoJo Rabit up to the #1 spot. It’s so difficult to make an educational film while also trying to have some humor in it. My wife walked out of the room after ten minutes of watching it as she said, “This movie is terrible…” as they’re going thru a lot of Nazi praise but once you get past that the message is a very strong one. The writer/director/actor had a very interesting Q & A session after winning for best screenplay.

Though – while I did enjoy it. It’s not the same with a host to add some levity to the evening. Also enough with the actors/actresses winning the award and instead of thanking those that helped them make the production (Long horrendous hours) it turns into a soapbox of time for your vent. We need more of the below.

Also, I wouldn’t be doing the Oscars justice if we didn’t mention those that we lost.

Moving on slightly…..

Phil Mickelson came in second and was a human highlight reel. Always enjoyable to watch. Take some time and enjoy your Monday (said nobody ever).

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