VD Day

Onto Valentines Day

I bought the flowers a week ago as who really wants to be like everyone else. I picked them out myself. Super duper vace. All ready for her when she got home. I don’t do that delivery and take your chances crap. Nope. Just do it yourself, make the effort, and get it right. Tonight we’ll head to our usual spot (Those that know me need only one guess….)

I’m a very lucky guy that I get each Valentine’s day with you.

Team Play

Thursday Team Play. I got an email asking if I’d play. For myself, the experience is always hit or miss as you run into a lot of guys that are always looking to game the system. People that don’t understand that handicaps are supposed to be an equalizer but not a tool to be used to give you an advantage. I always laugh when I hear things like, “My handicap is right where it needs to be.” Huh?!? I always enjoyed team play when it was your year low-index. This is the best golf ability I have vs your best golf ability. Problem with that? With a lot of golfers today it might be your best ability vs their inflated handicap and then once again it’s a tool used to give someone a competitive advantage.

A gorgeous day out for golf and it might as well be some team play. I got there nice and early to get a warm-up, spend twenty minutes chipping, and then had thirty minutes to get in some putting drills. I was curious to see what kind of experience I was going to have both with my game as well as what kind of opponents I’d have.

I got off to a rough start. Excellent tee-ball. Excellent layup for perfect yardage on the par 5 (as I started on 18). Then chunked/pulled it into the bunker. I think to myself, “So it’s going to be one of those days.” The first hole I’m one down. From then it was off to the races. I putted excellently and was loving the trajectory on my new driver.

The match ended on the 12th hole when I was 6 up.

My opponent – Gerry Ruiz. A class act. Nice. Polite. Fun to golf with. Kept to himself a lot of the day but would churp up every so often. He’s also the Greenskeeper at Cottonwood which I felt bad for him as he’s got a really tough job. Odd part was the end when their team captain had the final results ,”Congratulations. Score is x to y with Singing Hills winning.” If it had stopped there it’d have been classy and well done. But it continued….”This is the first time this has happened while I’ve been captain here.” Now you get into being a douche bag.

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