Friday Funness

For those of you that have been asking about my regular posting on my blog, I’ve appreciated the comments on Facebook Messenger. For those of you that read silently, well, you’re also appreciated. My tough decision has been that I don’t want to just re-hash the news and I wanted to provide some commentary. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a whole lot I wanted to provide commentary on. So I’ll cover a few things and then get into some week photographs that I took.

Astros Astros

Dan Patrick had Big Papi and Don Mattingly on the show this week. The big discussion was, of course, the Houston Astros. David Ortiz (Big Papi) had a problem with Mike Fiers because he didn’t say something at the time. That he basically got his ring, his payday, and left and now is free to talk about it. While I agree on the basic premise, if he doesn’t come forward there is nothing to talk about here. MLB doesn’t investigate at all and none of this takes place. Why is this still being talked about? It’s the players. They have social media account these days and they’re all voicing their opinions. My take – vacate the World Series trophy from that year. I’m sure the MLB Commissioner has that power and if he doesn’t – well you need to get it in the next bargaining agreement.

Kris Bryant has been vocal about the Astros and how they’re less then sincere in their apologies for this. Excellent write up here.

“I’m playing golf with my dad and I feel bad for taking a one-foot gimme putt. Doing this? This is people’s livelihoods, too, that they’re messing with. Guys have never pitched in games since then. Guys have won awards that maybe they shouldn’t have won. Who knows? Yeah, they’re certainly talented ballplayers, but I personally think it’s worse than steroids. I really do.”

Kris Bryant

Bryant has so much class that when he showed up for questions at his first Spring Training PR session that he thanked the arbitrator that ruled against him. He said the fine should be larger against the Astros. The Cubs PR told reporters that Bryant would show up in the 8 o’clock hour. When did he show up? 7:58. In case it’s not obvious I’m ready for baseball season.

Moving on….

This week we had some interesting items. We had our final goodbyes to our Director of Golf at Hooley’s on Tuesday. That was quite a night. I’ll go more into that tomorrow. We had an excellent night meeting up with friends at our usual watering hole. Make sure you have an excellent weekend everyone!

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