Hot Take Friday

Friday is upon us and I’ve been a bit absent from my blog. My easy Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule turned into waking up and not having much to say. Politics has become so diverse that I think people are taking lessons from the pundit talk shows. So I’ll cover a few things of interest to me and leave you with an excellent interview.

Roomba + Dog Shit = Nightmare

Yesterday morning I was working on a few things in my office and while I was doing this my blind cocker spaniel, Indy got freaked out by the gardeners outside and decided to drop a dookie in the hallway. He hasn’t done this for ages – an extreme rarity – but I didn’t know it. Also, at this moment, I had our Roomba clone called the Ufi, cleaning the floors on the house. It had reached the dog shit in the hallway and was spinning its brushes, rotors, bottom brushes, and just making a giant mess of the dog plop on the floor. I eventually smelled this and was like, “What the hell is going on?” An hour of scrubbing the floors was next on the agenda. Damn. Definitely no fun.

Wednesday Scramble and Quarterly Dinner

We had our First Wednesday Tournament and our Quarterly dinner a few days ago. We brought back an old format of the blind draw of foursomes. It was a good opportunity to play with people you’d never ordinarily play with. Scramble format made it more enjoyable and just social. Well, at least it was from our group, as we came in 2nd to last. We just couldn’t get any putts to fall. When you’re twelve holes in on a scramble and not had a single birdie – yeah you’re not going to finish well. We finished with four birdies and managed to not finish dead last 😂 But still it was an excellent walk for me.

Quarterly dinner was afterward. First, since I had finished my time on the board. It’s a lot of complaining about this and that. $3 toast. Yep – we don’t like that. But if you go out for breakfast in a lot of places you’ll find it’s not that uncommon. The driving range closed at night. That’s still a head-scratcher for me. Costs are the lights, range ball machine, and maybe an attendant. What am I missing here?!? One of the few places in East County where you can hit range balls at night. Yet – not utilized.

Video of our head teaching pro discussing why you can’t use local rules to overrule a USGA rule

One of our members took issue with a recent item that happened to him. On several holes, they have water drainage cement. Usually, it’s not filled with water and almost always your ball will come to rest on the cement (free drop). This particular time there was water running thru it and when his ball landed on it, the water took it down the cement, and all the way to a penalty area. He cried foul and wanted it looked at as to whether we should adopt a local rule. Sorry. Rub of the green as they say. Or shit happens. Whichever you prefer. A 300-yard drive and ball lands in a divot. Same thing. You cannot use local rules to overrule the USGA rules of golf.

Did you happen to catch this fella that took an 11 last week at the Honda Classic? Already missing the cut. So he decides he’s going to keep playing this par 3 until he hits the shot he knew he could hit. That takes some balls. Well done!

Before I go…if you’ve got about an hour. You should listen to this long-form episode of Joe Rogan interviewing a retired Navy Seal. It definitely has a lot of insights.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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