Rain Rain

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

Corona. Corona. Corona. It’s all the story. Every podcast that I listen to it’s the discussion. Even my favorite sports programs – it’s the discussion. Dan Patrick had ‘Sir Charles’ on his show on Monday and I thought Charles made a good point. Ok, so we close off these events. What do these people then do? Are they going to just stay at home to watch the games? What’s our life supposed to be – lockdown go nowhere? His bit below.

Yesterday while at the gym, I had a perplexing experience. I’ve become more aware of how often I’m washing my hands. While at the gym, it’s at least six times in about an hour. Not to mention the time that I spend spraying down some of the equipment. Oh, BTW – you’re supposed to wash your hands for twenty seconds. People have lyrics in their head for the twenty songs. Here are some examples. I’m washing my hands and this guy comes out of the toilet, turns on the water, runs his hands under the water, and then proceeds to use the water for styling for his hair. I look puzzled. So I tell him, “Hey, this works a lot better with soap.” He looks back and me and says,”You’re not a Corona believer, are you? This is all a hoax by the Democrats.” I initially thought when all of this happened, that this might be a test to see if Americans can NOT politicize something. Stick to the science. Then last week on Stephen Colbert, Neil Degrasse Tyson was his guest and must have read my mind. 

Since the NCAA – decided not to have fans for their basketball event. Why not use more quaint gyms as you don’t need all the space. I wonder, just our of curiosity if we were to give people the choice to go and get infected (possibly) vs the governing body canceling it – what would spectators choose?

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