President’s Cup

Yesterday was the first day of our President’s Cup. Excellent time getting out and only a few complaints. Jason’s absence is definitely felt. Nearly everyone commented on it. When you’ve had a golf coordinator that did so much for us it would be hard for it to not be missed. We’ve had Bob Madsen and the GM handling putting together a makeshift shoestring tournament and it definitely had some problems. Let us get into the issues first before I cover the golf play.

You do the handicap brackets/flights. You have cut-offs. Someone shows up last minute and wants to play and you have to figure out where their handicap places them in which flight. When the second flight has players that are 9 handicaps and a 14 shows up to play, you don’t place him in a flight ahead of him. Finally lastly….

For guys that walk. You should do everything you can to keep them as close to the clubhouse as possible. Less walkout to begin and less walk when finished. I tell our tournament coordinators that I’m planning on walking. I look at my starting hole and I’m starting on #13. The furthest point that you can get away from the clubhouse. Not only that but we finish on #12 which is essentially also the furthest point out. So much for walking.

Another slight beef. You have players showing up last minute that aren’t on the leaderboard. A 14 handicap shows up. You just throw him on the first flight? That’s what happened.

Onto my play. Blue tees in tournament conditions. Wet. I found it fun. The hurry up and wait – wait – wait – wait hit a shot and …. wait some more. The pairings were not put together on the course for any kind of speed. I started double double as I couldn’t find any rhythm. None. Then the rain came and I put on some music. Then got into a groove some. Water balls on #13 and #4. I coulda been somebody. Double Double with two water balls – I guess all things considered it wasn’t terrible.

Moving on…..

We live in really weird times right now. With everything going on we need to be careful of the environments that we put ourselves in. We need to think of the endgame and realize that things will be rough/different for a while with a lot of time at home. No larger gatherings.

What’s up with all the people hoarding toilet paper? How many shits do you take in a day 🤔

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