Happy Birthday Dani

The morning. I need my coffee. It’s the staple to my day.

We’re starting to get closer to Mandalorian 2. It looks like it’ll be dropping in August-September and perhaps if we’re still in the present lockdown conditions that we might see it sooner from Disney.

While we’re on the subject of Mandalorian, I think one of the unsung heroes was cast member Gena Carano. She was definitely a nice addition to the show. MMA fighter to now having roles in Deadpool to now Disney+’s Mandalorian.

I bring her up as recently saw an interview that she did on Conan where she was comparing Cagefighting to sex. Uhhh geez what is sex like for you?!?

Moving on.

Dr. Drew has been making the case for some time that the media has been overcovering this and sensationalizing it a lot. Anyone remember H1N1 that we had about a ten years ago? 250k to 500k are rough estimates to the number of people killed with roughly 1.5 billion people infected. Yet, we didn’t have this widespread panic. I mean don’t get me wrong you should totally wash your hands, be preventive, and practice social distancing but don’t go into full-blown paranoia. You should really listen to his latest podcast where he’s discussing a lot of it.

Family News

Last bit of news. My oldest step-son Derek tied the knot. Got married. Took the plunge. I’m happy for him and her as she’s been a great addition to our family. Big congratulations. Though – just one thought – getting married and you couldn’t take five minutes to use an iron and iron the WHOLE shirt? 😳

Most importantly…..

It’s my wife’s birthday. Yippee!! I love you more than you’ll ever know.

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